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matching mole one


An alternative triad of that most moving triptych “O Caroline / Instant pussy / Signed curtainwhich so brilliantly opens Matching Mole’s untitled first lp (CBS 1972), with Robert Wyatt writing and singing one of the most beautiful and (deceivingly) simple songs of heartbreak in history – ultimately meta. All off Esoteric’s Matching Mole (Expanded Edition)2cd (ECLEC 22311, 2012) … Do rush out and buy it, if only for the long (lp) version of O Carolineor for the previously unreleased “Horse” (1972-01). Hey and more on Matching Mole in the previous post!



matching mole two


Esoteric have reissued both Matching Mole albums as “Expanded Edition” 2cd’s with BBC Radio One ànd previously unreleased bonus tracks on a separate disc … There’s no significant overlaps with “Smoke Signals” (2001, live in Europe 1972) and “March” (2002, live in Europe 1972-03) on Cuneiform, though. These two tracks are off the second album “‘s Little Red Record” (CBS 1972, Esoteric 2012 cat. no. ECLEC 22312) as produced by Robert Fripp … Brian Eno plays VCS3 synth on Gloria Gloom(ulloder Richard D James), andGod songhas the most exquisite Robert Wyatt lyrics. “Starting in the middle of the day we can drink our politics away (take one)” and the utterly zany “Mutter” were recorded 1972-08 during album session recordings and have been previously unreleased hitherto.

david bedford & kevin ayers


The Whole World boss Kevin Ayers joins at the end of the second song … David Bedford‘s Nurses Song With Elephants(Dandelion 1972) has just been reissued on Esoteric (ECLEC 2276, 2011-06-27).

golf girl in her caravan

Caravan performing Golf girlon Beat-Club(German ARD tv, not the BBC) around 1971. Off the brand new deluxe edition of In The Land Of Grey And Pink(Deram 1971, recorded 1970 – their third, and best lp, imho) … as are these versions:

lever du jour

(Expanding onNeutralin the previous post. That Softs sleeve must be one of the ugliest ever – pardon my French.)

synergetic nut machine


The real MSN viz. Machine and the Synergetic Nuts are from Japan and I’m pretty sure they like Canterbury scene music ;-) They recorded this album in 2004, it was licensed by Cuneiform in 2005. See also U0502 for a review.

25 years on … still relevant

They say the working class is dead, we’re all consumers now

They say that we have moved ahead – we’re all just people now
There’s people doing ‘frightfully well’ there’s others on the shelf
But never mind the second kind this is the age of self  […]


The age of selfaka Castles built on sand”Recorded Summer ’85, rel. 1985-11 on the Old Rottenhat” lp + 1985-09 as 7″ A-side b/w Raise your banners high” by the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band & GCHQ Trade Unions with 7:84 Theatre Co. – all proceeds from the sale went to the TUC Miners’ Hardship Fund (cat. no. TUC 784).





and then some  [Note: the names dropped are those of Martin Jacques and Robert Maxwell.]

And re: that age of self do get to see Adam Curtis’ “The century of the self”!  For a bunch of links, see http://snaporaz.posterous.com/century-of-the-self-age-of-self