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exquisite bauhaus

Minor Bauhaus post on the occasion of Maurycy Commu eh Gomulicki’s Bauhaus art at the Brussels RAC … I’m hoping the next –  omnibus – edition of The Sky’s Gone Outwill feature the full length version of Exquisite corpsecomplete with studio snorer Derek Tompkins reading from Brecht’s Baalin the outro, being worried about that baby!


los angeles’ saving grace

And to close our Fall triptych …

the fall from saving grace


Not a huge Fall fan, but to me Mark E. Smith c.s. reached the pinnacle of their career in 1985, with This Nation’s Saving Grace“, produced by the ever excellent John Leckie. That album is now out in a deluxe 3cd “Omnibus edition” box on Beggars (2011-01-24, cat. no. BBOCD 2067) with a 48 page book (not this one though) and lotsa bonus audio material (e.g. six tracks from two Peel sessions) that are all worth investigating. As is this comp, incidentally.

68-75-85 (hope damo suzuki is well)


1985 (the Fall) > 1975 (Can) > 1968 (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell) … More on that Fall track in my next post