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greg hawkes’ victory

The title track of the Cars‘ keyboardist’s solo lp “Niagara Falls” from 1983 … and the single taken off it, “Twenty seven shirts”. More recently, Greg Hawkes has taken up an interest in the ukulele … see this Beatles cover below …


sleeves without the deceased


Cool concept … record sleeves with only the living on them, the dead having been removed with some software or other … via http://liveiseedeadpeoples.tumblr.com/  [tnx4tip Eav!]

sgt pepper’s comeback


Hùh? Eggsplanation via http://snaporaz.posterous.com/being-for-the-benefit-of-mr-pike & image source http://peppersprayingcop.tumblr.com/ … and dig these lyrics (printed in the YT comment field):

a dauner in the life


Another cool version of the Beatles’ A day in the life“, this time around off das Wolfgang Dauner Quintet’s The Oimels lp (MPS 1969).

a day in the life

Brian Auger on French tv in 1968, and Les DeMerle in the same year, off his Spectrumlp (just reissued on Get On Down). Wonder who was the first to see a jazz adaptation in this song. And to boot: two more Beatles covers, from France, off 2006’s La France Et Les Beatles Vol. 2″ v/a cd on Magic (who have an impractical site). And see also: http://uzine.posterous.com/a-dauner-in-the-life