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what’s the word for socially conscious soul music?


Alongside Listen, Whitey!and the other comps mentioned in that post, there’s also the excellent What’s The Word? (Socially Conscious Soul Music)(2011) as conceived & compiled with love by Dean Rudland for v/a Backbeatsseries three on Harmless (currently part of the Demon Music Group) … budget priced, as it should be with catalogue music. Some tracks to convince you: “Hey brother” (based on “Hey Joe”) by the Identities and “(We gotta) Bust out of the ghetto (pts 1 & 2)” by Moody Scott (both 1970).


neil bogart’s lot

And loads more vids on / by Casablanca artists here … as for background stories, check “And party every day – the inside story of Casablanca Records” (Backbeat 2009, ISBN 9780879309824) by Larry Harris with Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs … the most dirt-filled music book since Mötley Crüe’s “The Dirt” […] always entertaining and frequently jaw-dropping, from Harris’ description of acting as runner for an enormous amount of cocaine for […] and several female hotel guests […] to tales of calling his own positions on the Billboard charts” (dixit the AV Club’s Michaelangelo Matos). Or is it? Those expecting salacious stories à la Hit Men by Fredric Dannen will be disappointed (Harris challenges this version of events) dixit DJ History. Still, can’t wait to read the book myself!
+ bonus books ’bout the biz:

harmless brings mastercut backbeats

Late nineties – early noughties, the Harmless label gave us the “Pulp Fusion”, “Mellow Mellow”, “I’m A Good Woman”, “The Breaks” and many other excellent v/a comps (e.g. in the latin and funk rock genres), but after the initial heyday, Harmless seemed to lose its momentum. Recently, the people who own the label (of the Demon / Music Club group), have relaunched it, sort of, with a new series called BackBeats“. Its first installment (“series one”) has been compiled by Ian Dewhirst of Mastercuts (MC) fame (label ànd radio show) and counts ten less-than-midprice volumes mainly aimed at a (British) urban audience into (slick) soul, twostep and disco, though there’s also a ‘jack’ house, a ‘9Ts garage, a northern soul and a funk volume – the latter being “Gimme A Break” (BACK 007), from which these two tracks – 1976 & 1981 – were culled. Aimed as it is at an audience I hardly belong to, I don’t think the series is extraordinary, so far, but I do like the statement of intent in the booklet: “we intend to make a stand for the beauty of the lovingly compiled compilation format. […] We will only use the original 12″ or album versions from the original artists […] with over 75 minutes on each Backbeats volume”. Let’s hope other labels may be inspired by this, and that a more interesting second series will materialise!