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 “In 1980, Mick Jagger wrote a song about Spider Sabich‘s death that was intended to be on the Rolling Stones‘ album Emotional Rescue“. The song, titled Claudine“, carried lyrics that painted a graphic picture of some of the more salacious aspects of the affair and killing. However, it was deemed too controversial and was removed, although it was included on several bootleg Rolling Stones albums. In November 2011, the track Claudinewas released on the Rolling Stones’ deluxe reissue of their album Some Girls“.” Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudine_Longet#In_music + see also http://www.showbiz411.com/2011/10/20/rolling-stones-finally-releasing-song-about-claudine-longet and https://uzine.wordpress.com/tag/longetclaudine/

george smits’ cash? roger morès cash!


See young George Smits act inCash? Cash!by Paul Collet and Pierre Drouot (Antwerp, Belgium, 1967) … now out on dvd via Belfilm (2011) with the soundtrack by Roger Morès (original vinyl on Vogue) extra on cd (27’43”). Fuzzy  groovy title track“Cash-cash” was co-written by Roger Morès and Roel Van Bambost (without Miek); all other tracks – e.g. “Dancing” – were written by Morès. Two tracks for the next (sixth) Beat Bespokév/a compilation, oh New Untouchables? (Volume five, once again compiled by Rob Bailey, has just been released on Circle, cat. no. CPWC113.)

2012-09-28 & 2012-10 dallas goes live

Dallas is preparing to go live and will play try out concerts on 2012-09-28 in De Singer in Rijkevorsel and on 2012-10-04 @ Trefpunt in Ghent (Gent), Belgium. Later on, gigs will follow at the AB Club in Brussels on 2012-10-05 and at the Arenbergschouwburg in Antwerp on 2012-10-11. The debut album by Veerle Baetens and Sandrine Collard“Take It All” (rec. 2011, rel. 2012 on Aka Music via Universal) – was produced by Jeroen Swinnen and is to be filed under electro pop (e.g. “Emotionshaker”) or even Schlager (cf. “Chaque jour” or “Égocentrique” or “Take it all”).

taking a chance on broken bob

What with Donna Summer gone … here’s Bob Chance! Just dig Jonny Trunk on the man’s “It’s Broken” lp (Morrhythm 1980): “it starts off all country and goes bonkers. It’s like a cross between Glen Campbell, Giorgio Moroder and a serial killer. There’s a ten minute disco oddity on there, a visit to Bob’s jungle and a track about a stalker too. Bob made the album and pressed it privately, then hardly sold any. It’s class. I love it. It’s strangely good bad and addictive.” There’s also the “Broken!” 7″ on Emotional Rescue (ERC001), with both the 1973 album version (“Wild, it’s broken” – merely testpressed at the time) and the 1980 single version (“It’s broken” – Torchlight 1980). Hey and dig Bob’s “Jungle talk” too!


dave tompkins & hip hop

“When Russell Simmons first heard It’s yourson the radio, his mind was blown by T La Rock‘s “40-letter words.” He immediately sought out the song’s producer, Rick Rubinaka “Flip Loogan” … from the incomparable nay mighty Dave Tompkins‘ review of “Def Jam Recordings: the first 25 years of the last great record label” by Bill Adler, Dan Charnas et al. (Rizzoli 2011-10-11, ISBN 9780847833719). Do check Tompkins‘ Pulitzer on steroids Miami bass history too! And more on his 2010 vocoder book via http://uzine.posterous.com/stevie-roger-and-the-vocoder-book !

vivat vadim & viva nilovic

Sadly, the Vadim label seems to be in trouble. They’re selling out their catalogue at destock discount prices (hurry), they’ve closed their blog, and they’ve put their site to sleep. Hopefully Vadim will reawaken reinvigorated! By way of praise & support, here’s a number of tracks by Janko Nilovic, an artist most championed by Vadim (in France and by Cosmic Sounds in the UK) via eight or more releases, viz. Funky Tramway(with Mad Unity in 1975 / reissued 2011), Psyc Impressions(1969 / 2011), Soul Impressions(1975 / 2011), Last Impressions(compilation, 2007), Vocal Impressions(with Dave Sucky in 1971 / 2006), Chorus(1974 / 2006), Rythmes Contemporains(1974 / 2010),Paris Pop Galaxy(remixed by Eric Caspar, Pulp Flavor 2002) and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Most of Nilovic’s work was produced for les éditions Montparnasse 2000 of course. Personal favourites include:

  • “Aérospatial” (1971?)
  • “Atchika boum” (1971)
  • “Improvisations pour deux voix” (1971)
  • “Black Swan Lake” (1975)


bobby boyd

Ladies & gentlemen, the much overrated Bobby Boyd, as reissued by the otherwise excellent Vadim. And I’m not dissin’ that wonderful label here, nor the mighty Lafayette Afro Rock Band who would evolve out of the Bobby Boyd Congress … I’m just saying that, bar a handful of tracks, these two rare hence overhyped Bobby Boyd albums are actually quite average bar a few highlights:
1971: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=458
1976: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=473
Even so, “Straight ahead” by Bobby Boyd Congress (1971) is a funk monster featuring Diana Olverton, Frank Abel, Bobby Boyd, Jerry Joe Beatty, Ronnie Buttacavoli, Arthur Grayson Young, Lawrence Jones, Laffeyette Hudson and Perry Smith, and their “Dig deep in your soul” is cool too. “Happy hooker” (1976) was written by Harvey Fuqua for the Nite-Liters in 1973 with Xaviera Hollander‘s 1971 bestseller in mind, I’m sure, while the album also sports a a fine Tim Hardin cover with How can we hang on to a dream(1976).