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rip posterous as of 2013-04-30


This too shall pass. The previous blog on Posterous will end there on 2013-04-30, as indeed Posterous will cease to exist from that date onwards. And it’s been “an incredible journey” indeed. Because after the total breakdown in service and communication of recent years the demise of Posterous came as no surprise (see earlier posts as imported here too) …

Inbetween blogs, there were a number of short posts exclusive to the Fb page of the [uzine] blog … and more music bla bla on the Reissue & Reprint Request Page (RRR).





zing je moerstaal


Holland, 1976: Ad Visser compiles & produces a various artists lp for the CPNB (Commission for Collective Propaganda of the Dutch Book) as the yearly Boekenweekgeschenk. On “Zing Je Moerstaal” (sing in your mother’s tongue), contemporary artists such as Bots, Alexander Curly, Boudewijn de Groot, Earth & Fire, Focus, Fungus, Kayak, Peter Koelewijn, Robert Long, Lucifer, Maggie MacNeal and Drs P interpret lyrics written by contemporary authors such as Cees Buddingh’, Simon Carmiggelt, Jules Deelder, Wim de Vries, Theun de Winter, Hans Dorrestijn, Judith Herzberg, Jan Kal, Gerrit Komrij, Harry Mulisch, Nico Scheepmaker and Bert Schierbeek. Highlights:

  • “De tijd zegt niets” (Judith Herzberg) by Earth & Fire (1976)
  • “Avondrood” (Jules Deelder) by Focus; instrumental version released as “Red sky at night”
  • “De kinderballade” (Gerrit Komrij) by Boudewijn de Groot (1976)
  • “Sober leven” (Nico Scheepmaker) by Drs. P. (1976).

    Reissue please!

    Hey and talking reissues: did you know we’ve launched a Reissue & Reprint Request Page (RRR) page on Fb aimed at record companies and the like, in view of getting rare & obscure recordings dug up and (re)released? Anyone can place his requests, spam will be deleted.


    twitter posterous fail !!

    Social media branding blabla my a***! Since Twitter has taken over Posterous, it’s one problem after the other and NO communication at all on the under or non performance!!


    My apologies: Posterous has changed its media player, and it no longer shows a track’s title and artist. Moreover, because of the unannounced change, audio tracks suddenly are no longer visible in my blog posts. Incredible but true, and very Posterous I’m sad to say. Should’ve stuck to WordPress …

    post lullaby soothing music

    "A merry go round in the park" (also but less fluently on Vimeo) is off Lullatone's "Songs That Spin In Circles" album (2010, co-produced with Secondary School). They've also devised the wonderful raindrop melody maker … and so much more

    html5 ‘n’ roll

    Don’t like Arcade Fire, personally, and I’m not very impressed by this video either, but here’s a number of people treading new ground.

    hugo verweij’s everyday listening



    As my two previous posts have shown, Hugo (not to be confused with Hugo) Verweij‘s Everydaylistening site is an incredible resource and source of inspiration …

    … e.g. for dressing reel smart (see the image above)

    … e.g. for suggestions on the best turntable to play musique concrète on
    … e.g. for exploring song collections
    … e.g. for our open air swimming pools
    … e.g. for finding sonically challenging holiday destinations
    … e.g. for tips on how to do sonic tweets
    … e.g. for finding fine iPhone apps

    … e.g. for discovering a fine polling system!
    Thanks and congrats Hugo! (Discovered EdL via the ever fantastic Eavesdropper.)