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evans’ pyramid not arthur russell’s

Andre Evans’ work with Evans Pyramid (on Belmont, Funk and Smokah records, 1978-1979), Royale (SMS 1980), Sashay (mid ‘8Ts, unreleased) and Deleasha O’Neal (written 198X, recorded ànd released 1994, label unknown) has been compiled by Cultures of Soul on 12 track cd and 8 track vinyl (with free download code for the remaining four at 192 kbps, all previously unreleased material, e.g. “Party like it’s 2001” and “Where love lives”). Cool but not brilliant – just plain funky, discoïd and interesting for Arthur Russell fans as well … [Incidentally: great to see record labels offer free downloads with vinyl, but sad to see them spend no attention at all on the info in those mp3’s of theirs, e.g. date, composer, illustration!]
http://www.funklopedikproject.com/  [no info yet, remarkably]

jon lord & ride & portishead in 1994

All these tracks are by Ride (1994) and feature Jon Lord on Hammond organ. (RIP Jon Lord 1941-06-09 > 2012-07-16.) The first track is a Portishead remix of “Moonlight Medicine”. The second is the original version of that track, off Carnival Of Light– imho one of the best pop albums of the nineties. And the third track – “At the end of the universe” – is off the “How Does It Feel To Feel?” single, which sees Ride covering the Creation … on the Creation label. I could have included A journey to the end of the universe (version)as well, but I haven’t. Track sources:

first to be stranded in the jungle


The original version of a legendary track, and – post Haloween – a horror tune from 1958 (unrelated to this Dead“), both off The Flash Records Story (Popular Platters – Recorded And Retailed)v/a 2cd on Ace (CDTOP2-1309, 2011-09). Yes indeed, the Jayhawks were the first to record Stranded in the jungle– in 1956-05. That’s before the Gadabouts (1956-06?) ànd the Cadets (1956-06!), whose hit version has since become the definitive interpretation. The two Cadets (aka the Jacks) versions are off Ace’s The Cadets Meet The Jacks Stranded In The Junglecd (CDCHD-534, 1994). Band images: the Cadets.

morton’s shangri-las

Hey, and do check this interview with Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las! And my next post, on the Red Bird label ;-) The radio spots below are off the one and only Shangs record you’ll ever need: Myrmidons Of Melodrama (The Definitive Collection Includes All The Hits Plus Rare Tracks)on RPM (1994, cat. no. 136, revamped in 2002 as cat. no. 506). Though Charly has that Rememberbudget 2cd as well (SNAX625CD) …

sly stone & his little sister & one lee hazlewood


“Next month, [Sly] Stone is slated to release I’m Back! Friends And Familyon Cleopatra […]. The star-studded album will be his first in nearly three decades […] – mostly covers of Stone’s most famous early works, with a handful of new tracks and alternate mixes tacked on at the end.” (Mike Duquette for the Second Disc, 2011-07-04) Meanwhile, here’s a couple of rarities by Sly, and one by his sister … as written a certain Mr. Lee.

killing joke requiem


… “hypnotic enough to turn any Marlowe into a Kurtz

hope hikasu’s well


Kinda klumsy, I’ll admit, how some of us are voicing our distress at the Fukushima tragedy by posting this Kraftwerk song, isn’t it … To me, Hikasu’s is the most appropriate cover version today. (Meanwhile, I really hope the use of sayonara will stay scarce, even though we may have strong feelings that some government officials and Tepco / Tokyo Electric Power Co. should resign some time soon … Somehow I’m confident they won’t hala-kiwi themselves in the plant to make up for their mistakes. I do hope they’ll have to answer to the people of Japan for their fatal lack of judgement.) [Tnx OD + bonus.]