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rip reg

RIP Reg Presley of the Troggs – as famous for his hits as for his temper – cf. 1972’s “The Troggs Tapes”.

im mr skin

RIP Ed Cassidy (1923-05-04 > 2012-12-06), drummer of Spirit … and IM Randy California (1951-02-20 > 1997-01-02) and John Locke (1943-09-25 > 2006-08-04). Cassidy was instantly recognizable by his shaven head (hence his nicknameMr Skin“) and his fondness for wearing black. He was around twenty years older than the rest of the group (born in 1923). His earlier career was primarily in jazz and included stints with Cannonball Adderley, Gerry Mulligan, Roland Kirk, Thelonious Monk and Lee Konitz. He was a founding member of Rising Sons with Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder.” Quoted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_%28band%29

flower machine’s first fading yellow lp


Some tracks off Flower Machine‘s first vinyl outing, viz. Fading Yellow (Timeless Pop-Sike And Other Delights – Euro 45s 1968-1972)(2011-11, cat. no. FYLP001, limited edition of 300 copies, yellow vinyl, no inserts, 16 tracks). Way too expensive, imnsho … hence anxious to learn how forthcoming the price setting of the announced “Spanish Popsike And Other Delights” lp will be. Too greedy isn’t cool, Mr. Swede! [Below: Nothing today” by Barry Fantoni (1966).]

el! ef! oh!

What with Warp rereleasing 1991’s Frequenciesby LFO, here’s some LFO rarities …The studio tracks all date from 1991, the live tracks were recorded 1992-01-18 @ “la Rave de la grande Arche – La défense – Paris” which also featured Laurent Garnier, Eric Rug and Jérôme Pacman. Co-organisers Libération & Fnac Music later launched Live In Paris 18.1.1992 (La Grande Arche De La Défense)“, a six track mcd “hors commerce” in a rouge & noir sleeve by the Designers’ Republic™. Sadly, the boundary between tracks 4 & 5 wasn’t mastered properly on that mcd, with the intro of LFOstarting at the end of Sam & Dave“. The 5’43” version below does feature the correct intro, though, as reassembled from the original aiff files. Hey and do check Luke Vibert’s 2009 version of LFOas well, won’t you?

bob & lou

A video from 1990 to celebrate a new Bob & Lou release, viz. "Five Tracks 1991-1993" – just released on Ultra Eczema (UE91 lp + poster + photo, 2011-06). Meanwhile, Ultra Eczema is about to launch an lp's worth of "Fever" covers in August! More on that later …

men are building sand


A skyscraper symphony … yet delicate … (The Left Banke’s original version is not on either of the Sundazed reissues, incidentally. Try to find 1992’s “There’s Gonna Be A Storm – The Complete Recordings 1966-1969” cd on Mercury / PolyGram for that. And for a review of Sundazed’s currently out of print 2001 cd only reissue of “[Montage]”, see [uzine 01.23] here.)

there’s (gonna be) a storm


… for those Left Banke reprints by those who don’t own the Smash originals, those seminal Bam-Caruso albums or that seminal 1992 Mercury comp yet?