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sunny symphony


Nissan selling its Sunny car in France back in 1991 by way of Bobby Hebb‘s classic song – first recorded by Miko Hierota for Toshiba in 1966. Full commercial via http://www.ina.fr/pub/automobile-et-transport/video/PUB3784157113/nissan-sunny-automobile-5-portes.fr.html … more Sunnyvia http://uzine.posterous.com/sunny-marva-0 … The version below is by Screen (1968), off the Beatmeisjesv/a cd compiled by Frank Dam & Marthy Coumans, issued for free with the Beatmeisjes (1963-1969)book by Frank Dam (ISBN 90-204-0563-2), published by LJ Veen in 2002. More recently, Dam has organised the Beatfilmfilm festival …

wyatt’s way


O TannenbaumWyatt’s way ;-) Recorded Summer 1981, released 1982-03 on Nothing Can Stop Us(Rough Trade) … Robert Wyatt also wrote the liner notes for a 1991 compilation of ‘7Ts piano pieces by Cornelius Cardew which featured Red flag prelude(197X). Hey and can someone please add Mr. Wyatt‘s interpretation to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O_Tannenbaum ?!? [Nope ain’t gonna do it myself.]

el! ef! oh!

What with Warp rereleasing 1991’s Frequenciesby LFO, here’s some LFO rarities …The studio tracks all date from 1991, the live tracks were recorded 1992-01-18 @ “la Rave de la grande Arche – La défense – Paris” which also featured Laurent Garnier, Eric Rug and Jérôme Pacman. Co-organisers Libération & Fnac Music later launched Live In Paris 18.1.1992 (La Grande Arche De La Défense)“, a six track mcd “hors commerce” in a rouge & noir sleeve by the Designers’ Republic™. Sadly, the boundary between tracks 4 & 5 wasn’t mastered properly on that mcd, with the intro of LFOstarting at the end of Sam & Dave“. The 5’43” version below does feature the correct intro, though, as reassembled from the original aiff files. Hey and do check Luke Vibert’s 2009 version of LFOas well, won’t you?

bleep exorcist

It’s been over twenty years ago today when Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire teamed up with Richard Barratt aka dj Parrott for the Sweet Exorcist duo … where LFO met TAGC on acid … The duo’s 1990 & 1991 recordings for Warp – cat. no. WARP1 is their classic Clonk’s Comingalbum – have now been compiled on the RetroActivity (When Everything’s Ready On The Dark Side Of The Moon Play The Five Tones)2cd (WARPCD218, 2011) which adds another six previously unreleased tracks from the same era, mostly early versions or alternate takes. The lyrics to “Per clonk 6 alt.” quote the Temptations’Message from a black man(1969, written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong). Hey and this is interesting too!

he’s justified and he’s ancient


… the ever interesting Nick Currie aka Momus! Here’s three tracks off his (mildly dated) Hippopotamomusalbum on Creation (1991), which he “dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg, 1929-91″. Bluestocking features a sample from Time of the seasonby the Zombies (1967, written by Rod Argent); the French girl whispering Marguerite Duras is Zoe Pascale. Do check the lyrics of the two other songs too:A dull documentaryandI ate a girl right up“.

2011-10-04 soirée gainsbourg – vous êtes averty

An excerpt from Jean-Christophe Averty’s chroma key masterpiece “Melody” (1971, here in its entirety) which will be screened at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille (France) on 2011-10-04 alongside other extraits … Dixit Richard Metzger: “what is little known, even to fans of the album, is “Melody”, the half hour, shot on videotape visualization of the album, created by Gainsbourg and director Jean-Christophe Averty and starring himself and Jane Birkin. It was included in the career-spanning Gainsbourg 2dvd box set “Serge Gainsbourg: d’autres nouvelles des etoiles” that came out in 2005.” Incidentally, the two instrumental versions below are from 2011’s Gainsbox … Hey and let’s not forget Jean-Claude Vannier‘s important involvement either!
http://www.disvoir.com/fr/fo/a/82.html  (ISBN 2906571199)

bob & lou

A video from 1990 to celebrate a new Bob & Lou release, viz. "Five Tracks 1991-1993" – just released on Ultra Eczema (UE91 lp + poster + photo, 2011-06). Meanwhile, Ultra Eczema is about to launch an lp's worth of "Fever" covers in August! More on that later …