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zeichnete läufer

“For the first time since it was recorded in East Berlin over 30 years ago the music of Martin Zeichnete can finally be heard. A disciple of the Kosmische Muzik of the likes of Kraftwerk, Can and Neu! he heard drifting across the Wall from the West, Martin’s idea of using the motorik, hypnotic beat of krautrock in the training of athletes was taken and exploited by the DDR’s state run Olympic Committee. Unable to obtain a licence to play his own music Martin embarked on what he called a decade long ‘invisible career’ with East Germany’s athletic elite his only audience. Mixing electronics with live instruments Martin produced an incredible range of work including music for warmups, running, ‘ambient’ music to be played in gyms and pieces for artistic gymnastics. The committee called this program State Plan 14.84L, Martin and his fellow musicians called it ‘Projekt Kosmischer Läufer’ (Cosmic Runner). Beginning with Volume 1, a program for a 5 kilometre run, Unknown Capability Recordings will bring Martin Zeichnete’s vision to the world at last.” Source: http://www.kosmischerlaufer.com/  Most tracks are cosmic, some have Motorik, e.g. this one.

lemi ghariokwu’s art

Seminal: Fela Anikulapo (Ransome) Kuti’s music. As important: the sleeve art provided by Lemi Ghariokwu! (And is that an Afro Unknown Pleasuresin the background of the YT clip above?)
http://www.wrasserecords.com/Fela_Anikulapo_Kuti_9/Complete_Boxset_276.html  [bargain!]

rock and roll highschool mechanics clash over neu!

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Portlandia Season 2 Episode 5 – Music in our schools

Won’t somebody please think of the children? Thankfully, IFC‘s Portlandia does! (Oh and Vimeo’s embed function sucks big time – or is it WordPress’s non-html savvy editor?)

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Portlandia Season 2 Episode 5 – Dream of the 1890s


evans’ pyramid not arthur russell’s

Andre Evans’ work with Evans Pyramid (on Belmont, Funk and Smokah records, 1978-1979), Royale (SMS 1980), Sashay (mid ‘8Ts, unreleased) and Deleasha O’Neal (written 198X, recorded ànd released 1994, label unknown) has been compiled by Cultures of Soul on 12 track cd and 8 track vinyl (with free download code for the remaining four at 192 kbps, all previously unreleased material, e.g. “Party like it’s 2001” and “Where love lives”). Cool but not brilliant – just plain funky, discoïd and interesting for Arthur Russell fans as well … [Incidentally: great to see record labels offer free downloads with vinyl, but sad to see them spend no attention at all on the info in those mp3’s of theirs, e.g. date, composer, illustration!]
http://www.funklopedikproject.com/  [no info yet, remarkably]

dave tompkins & hip hop

“When Russell Simmons first heard It’s yourson the radio, his mind was blown by T La Rock‘s “40-letter words.” He immediately sought out the song’s producer, Rick Rubinaka “Flip Loogan” … from the incomparable nay mighty Dave Tompkins‘ review of “Def Jam Recordings: the first 25 years of the last great record label” by Bill Adler, Dan Charnas et al. (Rizzoli 2011-10-11, ISBN 9780847833719). Do check Tompkins‘ Pulitzer on steroids Miami bass history too! And more on his 2010 vocoder book via http://uzine.posterous.com/stevie-roger-and-the-vocoder-book !