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brabançonne 4

It’s … Pol Closset & his Dixieland Gamblers, a single off Sing Along – Live At Your Father’s Mustache (1973 lp on Vogue, produced by Sylvain Vanholme) … Merci JaakG!


Zerfas! Exquisite late sixties (well, 1973) album for fans of gentle psychedelia with tinges of Parachuteand contemporary Kinks …

bill dylan vs bob wilson

Amidst the Dylanmania: “Indiana’s Bill Wilson drove to Nashville and knocked on producer Bob Johnston’s kitchen door in 1973. Bob let him in to play a few songs, liked it, and rounded up his crew that played on Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde”. They recorded “Ever Changing Minstrel” that night, and it was released on Columbia [CBS] in 1973. The album is now reissued with rare photographs, notes by reissue producer and Tompkins Square label owner Josh Rosenthal, and remastered from the original tapes.” Dixit Rosenthal: “I bought Bill Wilson’s “Ever Changing Minstrel” lp for a quarter in January. Never saw it before. Tracked down Bob Johnston (Dylan, Cohen, Cash) who produced it. He said Bill just showed up at his house one day. They made the record that night, with some of the guys who played on “Blonde On Blonde”. Bill and Bob never saw each other again.” Wilson would die of a heart attack at the age of 46, in 1993. Reissue label: Tompkins Square, cat. no. TSQ2684, rel. 2012-09-18. And do check that Sonobeat / Sonosong story for Wilson’s 1969 demo lp!

taking a chance on broken bob

What with Donna Summer gone … here’s Bob Chance! Just dig Jonny Trunk on the man’s “It’s Broken” lp (Morrhythm 1980): “it starts off all country and goes bonkers. It’s like a cross between Glen Campbell, Giorgio Moroder and a serial killer. There’s a ten minute disco oddity on there, a visit to Bob’s jungle and a track about a stalker too. Bob made the album and pressed it privately, then hardly sold any. It’s class. I love it. It’s strangely good bad and addictive.” There’s also the “Broken!” 7″ on Emotional Rescue (ERC001), with both the 1973 album version (“Wild, it’s broken” – merely testpressed at the time) and the 1980 single version (“It’s broken” – Torchlight 1980). Hey and dig Bob’s “Jungle talk” too!


the long goodbye


The soundtrack of The Long Goodbyefeatures two songs, Hooray for Hollywoodand the eponymous The long goodbye“, composed by John Williams and Johnny Mercer. It was Altman’s idea to have every occurrence of that song arranged differently, from hippie chant, to supermarket muzak, to radio music, effectively achieving the correct mood for the hero’s encounters with eccentric Californians, while pursuing his case.

Quote source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Long_Goodbye_(film)#Soundtrack … Do hope someone will finally release or reissue the soundtrack to Robert Altman’s “The Long Goodbye” (1973) properly, in full, with all versions. Haven’t ever seen it on lp or cd, and haven’t met or read anyone who has … though Varèse Sarabande apparently featured a number of tracks at the end of their limited edition cd reissue of Fitzwilly in 2004. Full info on the film – ànd Raymond Chandler’s 1953 book – via http://snaporaz.posterous.com/the-long-goodbye + more on that soundtrack here: http://www.jw-collection.de/songs/longgoodbye.htm + http://www.jw-collection.de/scores/longgoodbyex.htm

bobby boyd

Ladies & gentlemen, the much overrated Bobby Boyd, as reissued by the otherwise excellent Vadim. And I’m not dissin’ that wonderful label here, nor the mighty Lafayette Afro Rock Band who would evolve out of the Bobby Boyd Congress … I’m just saying that, bar a handful of tracks, these two rare hence overhyped Bobby Boyd albums are actually quite average bar a few highlights:
1971: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=458
1976: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=473
Even so, “Straight ahead” by Bobby Boyd Congress (1971) is a funk monster featuring Diana Olverton, Frank Abel, Bobby Boyd, Jerry Joe Beatty, Ronnie Buttacavoli, Arthur Grayson Young, Lawrence Jones, Laffeyette Hudson and Perry Smith, and their “Dig deep in your soul” is cool too. “Happy hooker” (1976) was written by Harvey Fuqua for the Nite-Liters in 1973 with Xaviera Hollander‘s 1971 bestseller in mind, I’m sure, while the album also sports a a fine Tim Hardin cover with How can we hang on to a dream(1976).

monsieur frog jean-yves labat


Utopia‘s Jean-Yves Labat recorded his proggy eh froggy solo lp for Bearsville as M. Frog in 1973-05 with Todd Rundgren, John Holbrook, John Simon, June Millington, Garth Hudson, Rick Danko, Paul Butterfield and many more … it’s finally out on cd via Edsel (2012-02, EDSS 1064) on a split cd with Roger Powell‘s “Air Pocket” (Bearsville 1980).