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vivat vadim & viva nilovic

Sadly, the Vadim label seems to be in trouble. They’re selling out their catalogue at destock discount prices (hurry), they’ve closed their blog, and they’ve put their site to sleep. Hopefully Vadim will reawaken reinvigorated! By way of praise & support, here’s a number of tracks by Janko Nilovic, an artist most championed by Vadim (in France and by Cosmic Sounds in the UK) via eight or more releases, viz. Funky Tramway(with Mad Unity in 1975 / reissued 2011), Psyc Impressions(1969 / 2011), Soul Impressions(1975 / 2011), Last Impressions(compilation, 2007), Vocal Impressions(with Dave Sucky in 1971 / 2006), Chorus(1974 / 2006), Rythmes Contemporains(1974 / 2010),Paris Pop Galaxy(remixed by Eric Caspar, Pulp Flavor 2002) and I’m sure I’m forgetting some. Most of Nilovic’s work was produced for les éditions Montparnasse 2000 of course. Personal favourites include:

  • “Aérospatial” (1971?)
  • “Atchika boum” (1971)
  • “Improvisations pour deux voix” (1971)
  • “Black Swan Lake” (1975)


bobby boyd

Ladies & gentlemen, the much overrated Bobby Boyd, as reissued by the otherwise excellent Vadim. And I’m not dissin’ that wonderful label here, nor the mighty Lafayette Afro Rock Band who would evolve out of the Bobby Boyd Congress … I’m just saying that, bar a handful of tracks, these two rare hence overhyped Bobby Boyd albums are actually quite average bar a few highlights:
1971: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=458
1976: http://www.vadimmusic.com/fiche.php?id=473
Even so, “Straight ahead” by Bobby Boyd Congress (1971) is a funk monster featuring Diana Olverton, Frank Abel, Bobby Boyd, Jerry Joe Beatty, Ronnie Buttacavoli, Arthur Grayson Young, Lawrence Jones, Laffeyette Hudson and Perry Smith, and their “Dig deep in your soul” is cool too. “Happy hooker” (1976) was written by Harvey Fuqua for the Nite-Liters in 1973 with Xaviera Hollander‘s 1971 bestseller in mind, I’m sure, while the album also sports a a fine Tim Hardin cover with How can we hang on to a dream(1976).

cane & able

= on French tv in 1971, at the Sacha Show hosted by Sacha Distel

Cane and Able were one of the many groups that came out of the collective surrounding the Lafayette Afro Rock Band in the early seventies” (author unknown, quoted all over the internet). Amazingly, Frank Abel is missing from the line up – one’d have thought the band’s name was a pun on his family name. Anyhoo, the band recorded two lp’s: “[Cane And Able]” (AKT 1972) and Relating A Message To You(Epic 1972), both via CBS France. They’re uneven albums but Who’s gonna take the weightand “Stoned groove” are deluxe. Sadly, the latter’s not online. So, what with le Tour approaching, how about this here Michel Fugain cover instead eh? Well, apart from the idea to approach translating Une belle histoire(1972) as “Be free”, there’s nothing much original about it. Still: régalez-vous!

flower machine’s first fading yellow lp


Some tracks off Flower Machine‘s first vinyl outing, viz. Fading Yellow (Timeless Pop-Sike And Other Delights – Euro 45s 1968-1972)(2011-11, cat. no. FYLP001, limited edition of 300 copies, yellow vinyl, no inserts, 16 tracks). Way too expensive, imnsho … hence anxious to learn how forthcoming the price setting of the announced “Spanish Popsike And Other Delights” lp will be. Too greedy isn’t cool, Mr. Swede! [Below: Nothing today” by Barry Fantoni (1966).]

levon john


RIP Levon Helm – this seminal drummer, singer, solo artist & actor’s death has been extensively covered, and we’ll see numerous tributes yet, worldwide. Minor detail I hadn’t yet registered: this here song (which hasn’t aged well) … The Band was apparently Elton John’s and Bernie Taupin’s favourite group at the time they were recording the “Madman Across The Water” lp (1971).

ian emes’ oriental nightfish and the pink floyd dance troupe

Ian Emes: “French windows” (1972) + “Oriental nightfish” (1977). Music by Wings (1973) and by Pink Floyd (1971), viz.One of these days (I’m going to cut you into little pieces)off Meddle“. In 1976, Emes also made videos for Mike Oldfield and for Roger Daltrey’s Heart’s right“. More recently, he’s collaborated with John Foxx on Flightpath Tegel(2010). Hey and do check this exquisite 1978 animation too: http://snaporaz.posterous.com/ian-emes-beard

mom, dad, meet john olson


John Olson (unrelated to Peggy) was a war photographer in Vietnam, first and foremost. He took these photographs for Life Magazine in 1971. They kinda remind me of Hannes Schmid‘s work …