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voicemail radio & prank calls


Fun concept: e.g. this week, dial +31619736048 for Ultra Eczema’s broadcast… More UE radio via incidentally! And let’s not forget Dennis Tyfus & Vomgrill’s magnificent 0032 (0)3 2934834 lp either (cat. no. Ultra Eczema 46) which collects a selection of phone calls DT made daily between 2007-05-05 and 2007-07-29 as part of the Virus group exhibition at Antwerp’s Hessenhuis. You can hear the A side of the lp on UE’s Sc:


da biz & da bubble

“Now that they’ve been given a chance to redeem themselves with the resurgence of interest in vinyl, not only are they shooting themselves in the foot, but it’s the same foot, the same gun, and they’re even reusing the bullet!”

“Baby boomers replaced their Zep LPs with CDs; Gen X did the opposite; and millennials bolster their torrented flacs with newly minted show copies of Houses Of The Holy. Format migration has gone retrograde; vinyl is being institutionalised as theformat to possess – but not necessarily to use, of course.”

dylan mapped


Slate have drawn an interactive map of every street, town, and city Bob Dylan has ever sung about … it reminds us of this rap map

amanda’s wooden disc


Amanda Ghassaei has made several 3D printed records … her latest laser cut in wood! Image: Audrey Love.

rip reg

RIP Reg Presley of the Troggs – as famous for his hits as for his temper – cf. 1972’s “The Troggs Tapes”.