velvet summer for a magical autumn

Cruel meby Velvet Summer, top tune, exquisite clip, superb 7″ A side, and also on their very promising Endless Repeat EPsix track cd debut … Do check the title track (free download + 7″ B side) below too, or City lightson one of their web pages (as listed below) … And if you feel like it, you can have a cameo in their next video, to be shot on 2012-09-23 in Antwerp, Belgium … right after their appearance on ATV’s Wakker op Zondag – you can check it live online too. The night before, on 2012-09-22, Velvet Summer plays live at the opening of de Nieuwe Vrede in Berchem, where they share the bill with Mauro, Guy Van Nueten, Nigel Williams, etc.



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