2012-01-16 > 2012-02-03 semaine du sound week van de klank

O oh it’s that dishy Tomoko Sauvage … 2012-01-16 > 2012-02-03, depending on which part of the planet you call home, it’s la Semaine du Son / the Sound(s) Week. In France on January 22-29 (except Paris which debuts January 16-21), they’re organising the 9th edition. In Brussels (January 23-29) and Geneva (Genève, February 1-3) it will be the second edition, while Montréal + Québec seem to have dropped out after their second edition last year? In any case, the ‘mother’ site http://www.lasemaineduson.org/ isn’t practical at all, and the Belgian site could be a tad more handy too. Hey and there’ll be something called Aimez-vous Tati?“, while Triple Deck – see my Kapotski post earlier on – will perform in Brussels too: http://lasemaineduson.be/nl/triple-deck/


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