dropped in unconditionally

Yes, the Big Lebowski classic … bùt do note: the original version is by Jerry Lee Lewis, off his Soul My Waylp (1967)! Mickey Newbury didn’t release his own version of his song (a Jimi Hendrix favourite) until his 1968 debut Harlequin Melodies“. The First Edition‘s version (featuring Kenny Rogers) is from the same year. Bettye LaVette‘s wonderful cover version (1969) of Just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)can be found on Trikont‘s first Dirty Laundry – The Soul Of Black Country(US-0333, 2000) v/a comp … whilst Sharon Jones’ version (with the Dap Kings) dates dates from 2002 or 2004. Carcass frontman Jeff Walker’s cuntry metal version dates from 2006, Supergrass’ Condition is off 1995’s Alright / Timesingle, and die Haut‘s is off 1988’s Headless Body In Topless Barlp and features Nick Cave. Got that?


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