first to be stranded in the jungle


The original version of a legendary track, and – post Haloween – a horror tune from 1958 (unrelated to this Dead“), both off The Flash Records Story (Popular Platters – Recorded And Retailed)v/a 2cd on Ace (CDTOP2-1309, 2011-09). Yes indeed, the Jayhawks were the first to record Stranded in the jungle– in 1956-05. That’s before the Gadabouts (1956-06?) ànd the Cadets (1956-06!), whose hit version has since become the definitive interpretation. The two Cadets (aka the Jacks) versions are off Ace’s The Cadets Meet The Jacks Stranded In The Junglecd (CDCHD-534, 1994). Band images: the Cadets.

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