frieda von ipanema sufferin’ from tyfus contour


Jobim & Moraes’ Garota de Ipanemain a version by Mrs. Miller (1966) by way of tribute to Dennis Tyfus’ Gargles from Ipanemainstallation, which you can experience ‘neath the platforms of Mechelen’s Nekkerspoel train station until 2011-10-30 as part of the Contour 2011 5th Biennial of Moving Image. Whether you know Frieda or not, I urge you to go and see the installation! You can hear a taster of Vom Grill & Remörk‘s one hour soundtrack here, as two excerpts have been released on an Ültra Eczema 10″ (cat. no. UE105). The Anthony Kiendl curated Contour will also bring Lee Ranaldo & Leah Singer to Malines on 2011-09-30, while Chicks on Speed, the late Brion Gysin and Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven / Club Moral are contributing art too. Addendum: a sad ending / premature removal of the installation


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