koen de bruyne’s kluis

Music of its age and time, by Koen De Bruyne. “Pathetic dreams” is off his debut lp “Here Comes The Crazy Man!” (Vogue 1974); era vocals by Patricia Maesen, drums by Jean-Pierre Onraedt. (A year later, this trio would feature on Janko Nilovic’s Mad Unity lp, also on Vogue Belgique.) As a follow up, shortly before his (untimely) death in 1977, De Bruyne recorded the soundtrack for Jan Gruyaert’s film “In kluis” (Hans Kusters Music 1978, reissued 2007), of which the first three tracks below were taken. De Bruyne (brother of Kris) also participated in the recording of Laat me nu toch niet alleenby Johan Verminnen (1974), which features a (Belgian) classic moog solo by Telex‘ Dan Lacksman.


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