adderley’s zodiac 1 + 2


And my name is Cannonball … Adderley’s 1972 take on the zodiac – “Soul Zodiac” – had already been reissued on Stateside / EMI in 2008. 1974’s reinterpretation – “Love, Sex And The Zodiac” – is less psychedelic or free and lots funkier. It’s said to have been recorded in 1970 but I find it hard to believe it hasn’t gotten some post-production later on. Other sources say it’s from 1973 and I think they’re right. Anyhoo, BGP have just reissued the latter album in their midprice-ish “Funk & Jazz Classics” series (2011-08, CDBGPM 235). Rick Holmes – a dj, apparently – is the narrator on both albums.,_Sex,_and_the_Zodiac

+ bonus:


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