rip jerry leiber


Almost forgot to publish this after I’d announced that I’d post some more on Leiber & Stoller & Spark records, but now with the sad news of Mr Leiber‘s parting … here’s a reminder of some of Leiber & Stoller‘s brilliant producing & songwriting skills, and of that exquisite autobiography by Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller with David Ritz: Hound dog – the Leiber & Stoller autobiography(Simon & Schuster 2009-06, ISBN 9781416559382). At the publisher’s site, you can browse the book … may I suggest reading Randy Poe’s appendix, where he argues (convincingly) that L&S practically invented rock ‘n’ roll? (And keep an eye out for more on their magic partnership – it’s like Tex Avery making music – with the Coasters in a future post.)


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