jeanette’s folk book


Jeanette Leech‘s book Seasons they change – the story of acid and psychedelic folk” (Jawbone 2010-11, ISBN 9781906002329) was originally going to have “experimental folk” in its title too, but it’s no less grandiose as it is – with a foreword by Greg Weeks of Espers and all. There’s more info (than on the publisher’s site, typically) via this Coptic Cat link … and for more acknowledgements and links click here (great concept, incidentally). Also, do check the third tab here for an interview with Jeanette. Finally, you can find la Leech’s folk faves here. Here’s some of mine, all culled from two excellent but out of print v/a compilations on the now defunct Sanctuary label: Gather In The Mushrooms (The British Acid Folk Underground 1968-1974)” (Castle CMQCD840, 2004) and Early Morning Hush (Notes From The UK Folk Underground 1969-1976)(Castle CMQCD1265, 2006).

For an expert review of the book (and another major folk resource), see … though I disagree with the minor rant about Fairport Convention & Trees not being psychedelic enough…

Finally, here’s more info on Dave Brooks & “The Family”:


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