feel that four letter word in a garden of delights


Writing about B-Music dj Jeanette Leech’s folk book, I was of course reminded of Andy Votel‘s twoFolk Is Not A Four Letter Word” comps on his now defunct Delay 68 label (cat. no. 01 and 05, from 2005 and 2006 respectively + see my post on Carol Batton as well). Garden Of Delights (A Folk Compilation Selected By Pete Lawrence & AJ Of The Big Chill)” (Sanctuary DQFCD022, 2006) and Mark Pritchard‘s “Feel The Spirit (Other Worldly Folk Music Gems And Psychedelics)” (Optimum Sounds OPTCD002, 2006) were groovy v/a cd’s too, and Strange Folk (Albion / Apace STRGCD01, 2006) wasn’t bad either. Sadly, there’s hardly been any worthwhile folk comps since. That’s a five year drought! Hey and re: the last track here: see also Alasdair Roberts’ official and fan sites …


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