when deborah evans-stickland walked on by

“TV” (1979) by the Flying Lizards in their most famous incarnation (David Cunningham & Deborah Evans-Stickland) … so very, very … And that horn solo! Oh Deborah! In a 2001-04 article for Sound Collector #6, Mark Allen wrote “Deborah later went on to release some ‘spoken / sung word vocal’ solo material on her own, sans-Lizards” but so far the two tracks below are the only ones I’ve found for sale. They date from 2003 and are off the v/a compilation cd Richard X Presents His X-Factor Vol. 1“. Yet apparently, Ms. Deborah Evans-Stickland (sometimes misspelt Strickland), who’s now working in the field of counselling and mental health and who does the odd voiceover job for commercials, has also recorded a blues album in 1999, with  Bill Smith and Daniel Smith. Has it ever been released? In any case, one can hear two excerpts here.

As for “TV” (see below for the 7″s B side, also to be found on the recent RPM reissue) … According to Mark Allen, the Flying Lizards were “a mischievous dis-information machine […] The information that spilled out of this machine… spelled out how to translate highbrow art through lowbrow pranks (via pop musik) and also the vice versa, for mere pennies on the dollar. These coded instructions (transferred subliminally through ’songs’) spelled out a pragmatically illogical way of thinking about the business of entertainment and commerce of pop product, and how to make all four do somersaults in unison. At one point, this Flying Lizards machine even translated instructions on how to make a mega-popular hit song in a single afternoon for a mere 20 dollars (!). The Flying Lizards crashed disco and punk value systems with true screwball style.” […] “”TV” was released as a single before the album even hit the stores and was the first single released by The Lizards that wasn’t a cover version. […] David [Cunningham] told Melody Maker in 1981: “‘TV’ was our own composition, but there’s something about cover versions. You can take them a bit further than the originals. It’s useful to focus in on the irritation factor when you’re doing a single. ‘TV’ is the only track that was written by us and is still irritating. I think singles are irritating by nature really though. They repeat so much […]. That’s my theory of pop singles which is why I selected the things I did to release.”” Hey and weren’t they a strong influence on Michel Gondry too?


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