there are 3R4


3.4… and dark is the barge sets out in the night … By now you should all have set sail to Reading for Kevin Eden‘s biography Wire… Everybody loves a history(Wembley: SAF 1991, ISBN 0946719071) for Graham Lewis‘ quotes on the mathematical methods behind Dome‘s 3R4! Or see also our 2001-06-29 Lewis (aka HALO aka He Said aka Hox) interview in [uzine] 01.10 aka U0110 : “3R4 was graphically scripted and vocally cued by a count because without sequencing there was no other way to set the noise gates. Eric Radcliffe did the count for the complete duration of the piece, the inclusion of [him saying] ‘3,4’ in the mix was a testament and credit to this. Numbers are unavoidable in composition.” As for “There are” (1987): more on that track (check the bit àfter 2’52” too) in the next post. And in general: + + !


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