ecm’s peacock art


Windfall light – the visual language of ECM(Lars Müller 2009-11, ISBN 9783037781579 in English, 9783037781975 auf Deutsch) features approx. 1300 illustrations from the archives of the Edition of Contemporary Music (ECM) record label (not just sleeve art). The book supersedes their Sleeves of desire(Lars Müller 1996-04, ISBN 9783906700854, also Princeton Architectural Press 1996-07, ISBN 9781568980645). The publisher’s site is not at all handy (one of the most impractical ever, actually), so do use the More / Order drop down menu to have a look inside the book. Fans may also appreciate a gentle reminder re: Horizons touched – the music of ECMby Steve Lake & Paul Griffiths (Granta 2007-04-02, ISBN 9781862078802). Discovered via ! And re: the music do read the background info … or the next post

+ “Safe” by Annette Peacock (2000, off “An Acrobat’s Heart” on ECM)


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