which way michael?


Don’t you call him no tramp: Mr. Michael O’Shea (1947-07-11 > 1991-12-18), street & studio musician and inventor of the dulcimerlike Mo cara instrument (Gaelic for My friend). “No journey’s end” is off O’Shea’s lone (and untitled solo) lp on Dome (1982-02, DOM 33.2), as recorded on 1981-07-07 at Blackwing Studio, London (produced by Wire’s B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis, engineered by Eric Radcliffe & John Fryer). “Séance of a Kondalike (backing track)” is a bonus track on the (untitled) cd reissue of Michael O’Shea’s lp (2001, WMO 12cd). The backing track (recorded in 1982 at Alto Studio, Dublin) is just O’Shea and a drum machine, and would later get vocal & rhythm overdubs by Stano, for his “Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft” lp (Scoff 1983). I.M. Michael O’Shea, tragically killed after stepping off a London bus and running out into the path of an oncoming Post Office van.


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