da lambda festival, antwerp 2010-04-29 > 2010-05-02

Asa Nisi Masa by As One

Kirk Degiorgio, Plaid, Sendai, Sickboy, Anton Price, Inner Sun, Drummers without Drums, dj’s, visual performances and a live coding workshop and many more @ CC Luchtbal in Antwerp, Belgium, 2010-04-29 > 2010-05-02 … For a quick scan of the line-ups + ticket info: http://www.ccluchtbal.be/eCache/CLU/30/00/624.cmVjPTgwNjEzNDE.html … For more on the festival incl. links to artists: http://lambdafestival.wordpress.com/ + http://dagosondervan.wordpress.com/lambda-elektronisch-muziekfestival/ + http://www.facebook.com/pages/Antwerp-Belgium/LAMBDA-elektronisch-muziekfestival/349908877238 + http://www.facebook.com/pages/Antwerp-Belgium/LAMBDA-elektronisch-muziekfestival/349908877238#!/event.php?eid=321828586581


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