buckley & buckley


Early work in the vein of “Goodbye Hello”, from Live At The Folklore Center, NYC – March 6, 1967″ – a cd only release on Tompkins Square that largely went unnoticed last year but which does deserve the attention of any Tim fan as it features lots of otherwise unreleased songs (6/16). Great sound quality, incidentally – too good almost, as you can judge by the clarity of the coughing on “Cripples cry” ;-)

Hey and if you’re not a fan yet, reconsider your options in life whilst listening to the fantastic Dream Letter – Live In London 1968concert registration, or anything between “Happy Sad” and “Greetings From LA” Tim Buckley wasn’t just another folknik singer songwriter, he was first and foremost a singer out to use his voice as a jazz instrument just like, say, Billie Holiday had done. And as such, he became a legend in his lifetime, outclassing many a musician of his era.
Finally, since any mention of senior seems to ellicit rants or raves about junior (Jeff), might I grasp this occasion to point your attention to Jasmina Fekovic’s documentarista eh documentary Jeff Buckley Goodbye And Hello(2000, 55′)? Thanks!

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