sunshine piscine


“Come on in”: one of the most energising (sunshine) pop songs ever … and one of the Association‘s very best. (As you can read in this great Richie Unterberger essay, it’s actually a cover version – check the Modern Folk Quartet performing it in 1965 here.) Amazingly, “Come on in” was never released as a single at the time, but merely as the opening track of the band’s fourth lp Birthday(Warner Brothers, 1968-03). In 2002, it was also given a prominent spot on the “Just the right sound” 2cd anthology on Rhino – see U0212 for a review. And just now, it’s been made available in mono via Now Sounds’ reissue of “Birthday” in its original mono mix – “which has been out of print since its 1968-03 release. Even then, copies of the mono lp were almost exclusive to disk jockeys, making this mix an entirely new listening experience for fans.” (Source of this quote is not Steve Stanley’s official site or dusty old blog, but Now Sounds’ Fb page.)

Bonus triviafact: the sleeve of “Birthday” is prominently on display in La Piscine (Jacques Deray 1969 feat. Alain Delon, Romy Schneider & Jane Birkin).


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