hawkshaw & libaek


Sooo rich and sensual, so many ideas so well executed … “High diver” by Alan Hawkshaw (more on him in the next post) first appeared on the New Bloodv/a lp (Themes International Music, TIM 1002, 1973) and has recently been compiled on Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1 v/a (Show Up, cat. no. 02, 2008) and (Music Track From The Picture) ‘Black Dynamite’ v/a (Wax Poetics, WPR 008, 2009). “Solar flares” is the title track of Sven Libaek’s ultimate masterpiece (Peer 1974), which has recently been reissued by Vadim and Votary (fans of Marc Moulin’s Placebo take note). The track is also featured on Barry 7’s Connectorsv/a (Lo, cat. no. 25, 2001).


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