funnest belgian band?

Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel = the Honeymoon Killers released one classic album in 1982 (and a couple of singles in 1981-1983), with the aid of Marc Moulin & Dan Lacksman of Telex fame (see tag) … Compared to that masterpiece, their wild 1977 debut Special Manubremerely has its moments, e.g. Blankenberghe“, with its exquisitely bored lyrics. This Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys cover was not on the original lp; it was recorded by key member Gérald Fenerberg in a rehearsal room in Brussels, 1977, and features as a bonus track on Crammed‘s 2009 cd reissue.

Incidentally re: their Charles Trenet cover RN7(1981), that 1’15” > 1’41” break actually dates back to 1977 when related band Aqsak > Aksak Maboul recorded this Duke Ellington cover (and segued it with their own “Vapona, not glue”).

Hey & fyi: Crammed has launched its – impressive – own YT channel!

IM Yvon Vromman 1950-1989.


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