d-d-er brinkman-n-n-n at the bemf soul center


Funkhäuser Thomas Brinkmann will appear twice (as Soul Center and as Klick) at the Brussels Electronic Music Festival (held tomorrow & over the weekend, viz. 2010-03-26 > 2010-03-28) at Recyclart & Bozar (PSK). Also appearing at the BEMF: Atom, Cluster, Cyclo, Aoki Takamasa, and many, many more! As for the two tracks above: “n.m.q.p.” was originally released on the “Potlatch” v/a 12″ e-p on Bruchstuecke (2002), and also appeared on TB‘s “Rôw” cd compilation (2002). It brilliantly toys around with a sample of Nina Simone’s 1965 cover verion of Ne me quitte pas(Jacques Brel). “[Anna 1]” was originally the A side of the “Anna” 12″ and later resurfaced on 2002’s “Rosa” cd, both on TB‘s own Max E(rnst) label. Hey and there’s loads of Brinkmann reviews of the 2000 > 2004 period here!


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