eurovision 1983

1983-03-19: big riot in Belgium over this song by the fantastic Pas de Deux as broadcast Eurovisionwide on 1983-04-23 (downloadable version here) during the 28th Eurovision Song ContestMore explanations hereand only here, though also a bit here … sadly, some inglorious b. removed the full story … at least in our region. Or? Oh and completists do note: there’s a cover version too …

Pas de Deux were Dett Peyskens (musician & actress – check her impressive cv), Hilde van Roy (now a journalist) and Walter Verdin (artist, videast). See also our 2001 interview with Mr. Verdin in U0107 + erratum in U0109 + these links:

& lest you think our most favourite avantgarde surrealist Belgian trio ever were a novelty band, here’s their fantastic manic post punk funk “Mani meme” from the same year:


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