hugo verweij’s everyday listening



As my two previous posts have shown, Hugo (not to be confused with Hugo) Verweij‘s Everydaylistening site is an incredible resource and source of inspiration …

… e.g. for dressing reel smart (see the image above)

… e.g. for suggestions on the best turntable to play musique concrète on
… e.g. for exploring song collections
… e.g. for our open air swimming pools
… e.g. for finding sonically challenging holiday destinations
… e.g. for tips on how to do sonic tweets
… e.g. for finding fine iPhone apps

… e.g. for discovering a fine polling system!
Thanks and congrats Hugo! (Discovered EdL via the ever fantastic Eavesdropper.)

One response to “hugo verweij’s everyday listening

  1. Hugo Verweij

    Thank you very much for recommending my site! I am glad you like my content and I hope I will keep you inspired!

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