the original steampunk(s)


Extra, extra: as you can learn from Paul Roland’s official site there’s a comprehensive reissue programme going on … and “A Cabinet For Curiosities” (1987 mlp+7″, New Rose cat. no. ROSE 135) is scheduled next! I highly recommend keeping an eye (yours or Gary’s) open for it, as it’s fine all-round ànd features two of my three all-time favourite Roland tracks, viz. “Demon in a glass case” and “Wyndham Hill” (the third being “The great Edwardian air-raid” off his “Danse Macabre” lp on Bam-Caruso, 1987, cat. no. KIRI 052). There’s also a version of “Jumbee” on “A Cabinet For Curiosities” but this here missionary version (recorded live in the studio with Piers Mortimer) is off the “Alice’s House” 4-track 12″ on BamCaruso, 1988, cat. no. PABL 094). Hey and check + for more on Carroll’s character!

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