sly & his li’l sis


Splendid news! Mr. Sylvester Stone just gave an exclusive interview to Willem Alkema (who shot the Dance to the musicdocumentary) for UK mag Mojo (not merely an expensive rag for Beatles, Dylan and Stones fans) … Here’s two lovely rarities – the latter from a 1994 v/a comp on the exquisite Ace (UK) label – more on them below. A full Little Sister and other rarities compilation is, of course, long overdue, at least imho. Too bad about those wiped Miles & Womack demos, though. Let’s just blame thàt on Gun the pit bull while we wait for the authorised biography by Arno & Edwin Konings.  (ISBN 0-380-79377-6 is a must read)  (= source of the image)

Springtime dvd release: + on tv 2010-02-21 00:25 am CET
2010-05 cd release: v/a Listen The Voices – Sly Stone In The Studio 1965-1970 (CDCHD 1255, compiled by Alec Palao for fabulous UK reissue label Ace)
2010 or 2011? Thank you – The story of Sly and the Family Stone – A year by year biography


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