fool for a valentine


Monokiri’s second album “Carrousel” (2009) is a minor masterpiece – an intense report of falling in love head over heels and getting it all from the bad boy yet eventually ending up disenchanted and depressed and feeling betrayed. Caroline W’s heartfelt lyrics and singing are even more honest and direct than they were on Hara’Kiri‘s 2003 debut “Ha-Haha” (check the review in U0309 via this link). After la Werbrouck’s uneven “Surviving On Dreams And Casual Sex” solo debut (2006), however true to the original d-i-y punk ethic, there’s full credits to Stoffel Hias & Patrick Calvelo (of COEM, the Coin Operated Entertainment Machine) this time around, and indeed, the latter did a superb production job. More info on and (not up to date at this point).

The concept behind “Carrousel” is, of course, not new. One of the finest realisations, and one of the most most obscure, is 1969’s “The Love Cycle” private pressing lp by Forever Amber, originally limited to a mere 99 copies. FA’s John M. Hudson wrote an album in eight cycles: the meeting, the talking, the walk home, the joy, the doubt, the sorrow, the scorn, the grief. After the 1992 pirate cd reissue on Background (HBG 122/7), the album has recently been reissued on vinyl via Tenth Planet (TP 060 / JPR 1001) and on cd by Wooden Hill with eight previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded in 1978 by the songwriter and lead guitarist as part of an aborted double album (WHCD 015). For some, the album is a sixties masterpiece, for others it’s overrated – to me it’s genuinely beautiful as a whole, though the quality of the faux naïf songs is uneven and the lp might have benefited from the same recording budget and production techniques as those classic lp’s by July or the Zombies …

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