25 years on … still relevant

They say the working class is dead, we’re all consumers now

They say that we have moved ahead – we’re all just people now
There’s people doing ‘frightfully well’ there’s others on the shelf
But never mind the second kind this is the age of self  […]


The age of selfaka Castles built on sand”Recorded Summer ’85, rel. 1985-11 on the Old Rottenhat” lp + 1985-09 as 7″ A-side b/w Raise your banners high” by the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band & GCHQ Trade Unions with 7:84 Theatre Co. – all proceeds from the sale went to the TUC Miners’ Hardship Fund (cat. no. TUC 784).





and then some  [Note: the names dropped are those of Martin Jacques and Robert Maxwell.]

And re: that age of self do get to see Adam Curtis’ “The century of the self”!  For a bunch of links, see http://snaporaz.posterous.com/century-of-the-self-age-of-self


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