baetens & collard do dallas


Great Scots! the utterly underrated Sandrine Collard and toppy top actress Veerle Baetens are to collaborate on a new music project … Sandrine “ressort ses vieux morceaux électros”, Veerle “fait les textes et la voix”, tout se mélange en vamoose vice versa et voilà “le projet s’appelle Dallas” … and I for one can’t wait to hear it!

By way of interlude: do give “Calypso” a replay – it’s a super summery song, one of 2009’s best … can’t understand radio formats who didn’t feel the vibe radiating from this one and passed it by … note, also that the vocals are by Isolde Lasoen – and no longer by Louise Peterhoff who sang on the original album “No Bye No Aloha” (2008) … on which you’ll find la Baetens posing for the cover shot, incidentally.


Speaking of 2009’s best, and also the decade’s … I’ve actually forsaken on favelisting both – I beg your pardon – the task was too absurd … but listfreaks can of course find some consolation in the archive, where the 1999-2004 period is favelisted by all [uzine] collaborators of the era and a few others (Styrofoam, Stijn, Roommate, Monokiri, Eavesdropper, Dieter Go Find, Creature with the Atom Brain, …).

One thing, though: I think I can safely say that Je Communique(Need / Capitol Belgium 2002, prod. Dan Lacksman of Telex) is one of thé best albums of the past decade … in a future post, I’ll come back to it, e.g. when there’s a video of “Le Coup Sensass” online with correct sound ;-/

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