paul & brian & peter & dudley


Sorry mate – history’s moving along. Recorded music equals whale blubber.From Paul “ZTT” Morley interviewing “Eno”, The Guardian, 2010-01-17, (check the extra comments), itself discovered via the ever wonderful & see also

The interview also brings ‘interesting’ observations on Abba to Zappa, e.g. “You don’t quite know where you are but you find yourself in the space left behind by the things you’ve rejected.” Yet also “Instead of shooting arrows at someone else’s target, which I’ve never been very good at, I make my own target around wherever my arrow happens to have landed. You shoot your arrow and then you paint your bulls eye around it, and therefore you have hit the target dead centre.” And so I’m always in two minds about Mr. Eno. I really enjoyed reading David Sheppard’s authorised Eno bio – – but I must admit that I got really bored by the bit beyond Talking Heads, the accounts of moving to a mansion, making high concept cd-roms, advising Tony “WMD” Bliar or producing James simply weren’t as exciting. Click the Eno tag for more on the man whom Colin Newman called a bunch of things, one which … is an incredibly adept bull****ter – he’s a brilliant opportunist”. I second that emotion every so often. And meanwhile, the BBC’s “Arena”, of all programmes, has broadcast this documentary on Eno: ; see also this interview … Final bonus: Eno on the impact of the internet via

Re: Derek & Clive & Dudley & Pete: more on them in the next post.



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