tonto & the loan arrangers

Received opinion has it that “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts” (Brian Eno – David Byrne, 1981) was the first album to mix electronica and samples from ethnic music (and tv preachers, etc.), and that only “Persian love” (1979) by Holger Czukay – – predated its unique vision. Indeed, “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts” was groundbreaking, pioneering, (multiple) era defining. It’s a landmark album in popular culture. See also:


Well, “Riversong” by Robert Margouleff & Malcolm Cecil, off their lp “Tonto’s Expanding Head Band” (1971, aka “Zero Time” by Tonto’s Expanding Head Band) is another track which predated Byrne & Eno’s vision. Obviously, one can always find an earlier track that bears resemblance or pioneers one detail or other. Nitpicking is not the name of the game here. But what you can hear here clearly sets the scene … even if the vocals aren’t sampled.



More on Cecil, Margouleff and Tonto here; do check their work with Stevie Wonder!’s_Expanding_Head_Band……….



One response to “tonto & the loan arrangers

  1. ethnics, cosmics & electronics uit 1971! snaporaz, waar blijf je ze toch halen? :-)

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