33/45: return of (the return of) vinyl


Artist: Romain Laurent (“Tas” series, 2006 or 2007)  http://www.romain-laurent.com/ !

& two more on http://snaporaz.posterous.com/my-my-how-time-flies-in-our-information-socie

Okay, so this morning, after consulting the Mashable stream, I was quick to point your attention to http://mashable.com/2010/01/07/the-rise-of-digital-music-the-return-of-the-re… but actually that article doesn’t say all that much. Yet it does allude to something I wanted to discuss, even though I’m still pondering about it. (What follows is hastily written still – more of a quick ‘n’ dirty brainstorm.) Fads notwithstanding, imho,only digital will remain. Cloud computing and other future innovations will prove too comfortable, and only technological or socio-economical problems can alter that course. First of all, like magnetic tape, the cd is to disappear in favor of downloads, usb’s or the next big thing. Corrosion or no corrosion. Secondly, vinyl will hold its ground, but not as long as some may think. Today & tomorrow, it’ll be digital & vinyl, as can be witnessed by visionary record labels selling vinyl records with the download code to boot. However, that pushes vinyl even more into the artefact mode, and that may become a dangerous position. Compared to the cd and low kbps data files, vinyl does have superior sound, but in the future “beyond tomorrow”, I see it losing its fad shine and ending up in the “old 78” scene. I certainly predict its disappearing as the foremost dj “carrier” – even dramatically more so than some would like to believe today – just because the younger generations don’t seem to have qualms in dancing to digital dj’s without much skills or refinement (cf. the kbps issue, but see also the poor quality of many haphazard mixes and compilations). All that can be altered however, by technological innovations in the areas of processing power and carrier capacity – as we’ve witnessed before. All of this may cause vinyl to lose its value faster than predicted. It’s a demographic thing, actually, and an economic one too. Or what do you think? Do feel free to post your views on the Fb fan page … We’ll be elaborating on this in future posts, unavoidably and endlessly, obviously; meanwhile see http://uzine.posterous.com/tag/vinyl


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