ken nordine !

But no trace of this here Nordine & Dead Man Ray collaboration … no trace of that in the Daan Belpop documentary either ;-)

Dead Man Ray: “Blue Volkswagen” (off the “Cago” cd, released 2002-11). Music by Elko Blijweert, Herman Houbrechts, Daan Stuyven, Rudy Trouvé & Wouter Van Belle. Lyrics by Ken Nordine and Daan. Produced & mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Studios, C(hic)ago, mastered in London.

Hey yo yo yo & give that “Cago” another listen!!
Find those Colin Newman and Atom™ remixes!!
Check that (pre Pet Shop Boys) Hoogerbrugge video!!  > bands  :-))
+ do click the Nordine Ken tag with this post to see a Levi’s ad he contributed to!

re: Nordine: + + …

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